How to Change Windows 7 Log On Screen

How to Change Windows 7 Log On Screen
1. Download the file -
2. Click on Save and save the. Zip file to the desktop
3. Open the. Zip file and extract the. Reg file to the desktop Step 3:
4. Right click the. Reg file (On Desktop) and click on Merge.
5. Click on Run, and press Yes, and OK when prompted
6. Save the custom. Jpg image you want to use to the desktop with the name backgroundDefault.jpg
7. Check to see what your primary display screen resolution is. (You can do it by right clicking on any empty space on your desktop and choose screen resolution and then actuate it with your monitor's specification.)
8. Open Paint, and click on the File icon (top left corner), Open, and navigate to and select the. Jpg image from step 6. [NOTE: You can open Paint by typing mspaint.exe in the Start menu search line]
9. In Paint, click on Resize, dot Pixels, uncheck Maintain aspect ratio, then resize the. Jpg image to the screen resolution size in step 7 (whatever be yours)
10. Save the. Jpg file to the desktop with the exact file name below with the screen resolution size of the image. Step 10: Save. Jpg files to the desktop with the correct file name below with the screen resolution image sizes. When completed, close Paint When finished, close the Paint
11. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C: Windowssystem32oobeinfobackgrounds
12. Copy and Paste the. Jpg files from step 10, and from step 6 into the C: Windowssystem32oobeinfobackgrounds folder, then close the
13. 're Logon screen is now changed. You can press Ctrl Alt Del to test it Click on Cancel to return to the desktop.


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