How to show and use the Shortcuts keys in Word 2007

In Word 2007, most of the shortcut keys are same from the earlier versions such as Word 2000 and Word 2003. But the interesting thing in Word 2007 is that, Microsoft provides a new look or system for these shortcuts keys. In earlier Word versions, you must be memorized to use the shortcuts keys such as (CTRL + B" to make letters bold and "CTRL + I" to make letters italic). But now do not require planned memorization in latest Word 2007 version. There is a fast, simple, and visual way to find out what you need to press.
Now by pressing the "ALT" button and many options or keyboard shortcuts (containing letters or numbers) will be appear on top of the toolbar buttons.
You will see here, For Example:
Alt-F = Office Button
Alt-1 = Save
Alt-2 = Undo
Alt-3 = Redo
Alt-H = Home
Alt-N = Insert tab
Alt-P = Page Layout tab
Alt-S = References tab
Alt-M = Mailings tab
Alt-R =Review tab
Alt-V =View tab
Alt-L = Developer tab

Now if you want to view the shortcuts keys for any other individual tabs. For example if you go to the Insert tab by pressing ALT-N only, then you will be able to see the extra shortcuts keys available.
Here Now if you press a letter listed below small image it will be like pushing that button. For Example
V = to set cover page
NP = insert new blank page
B = Page break
T = Insert table
P = Insert picture
F= Insert Clip Art
SH = Insert shapes
C = Chart

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