Command Prompt on Right-Click

This trick shows you how to add an option called "Command Prompt" when you right-click on a folder in Windows. With this option, a Command Prompt Window will launch and its current directory will be the path to the folder you've selected.
The Solution
You can either edit your registry OR download the registry file and apply it on your computer.
Method I. Manually edit the registry:

1. Start > Run
2. Enter "regedit" and hit Enter
3. Expand to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell"
4. Right-click on "shell" and select New > Key
5. Make sure a new key is created under "shell". Change the name of this key to "Command Prompt"
6. Right-click on this new key "Command Prompt" and select New > Key
7. Change the name of this key to "command"
8. Here's what we should have:
9. Double-click on the "(Default)" text on the right window to bring up the edit box
10. Enter this text into the Value Data field:
cmd.exe "%1"
11. Click OK and close the registry.
Method II. Download and apply the registry file:
1. Download this registry file Here
2. Unzip it to a temp folder, then double-click on the .reg file to add the registry data.

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