Processors work priorities.

Processors work priorities.
Processors in our computers are basically a priority 2 job, which
1. Background Process.
In this priority is to run the dll files in the form of the services that run on windows operating system to support the performance of the system itself, such as svchost service, isass, smss, csrss, and other services.
2. Foreground Process.
In this priority is to run software or applications installed in the windows operating system itself, such as applications word, excel, Internet Explorer, windows explorer, notepad, paint, and other applications.
On the Windows default condition, the priority processor performance tends to run larger prosess background, whereas the priority needs for greater processor performance in priority than processor performance to run a background process.
Here is the division of priority processor performance well and balanced follow the steps below.
2. Go to the following subkey.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ PriorityControl
3. In subkey find the identity value.
Name value: Win32PrioritySeparation
Type value: DwordValue
Data value: 0x00000002 (2)
4. Change the value data to be Win32PrioritySeparation value 0x00000026 (38).
5. Close the registry editor tool and restart the computer.

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